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Are you running a Team that has lost it's Mojo? We can help to re-invent your Team to become Motivated and Focussed.


In order to see the View
We have to Climb the Mountain
This can be dangerous and arduous
With many unseen twists and turns Snakes and other critters lie in wait
For that careless footstep
Or sloppy gait
So, walk with purpose and belief

Once at the top
The view is magnificent
The air is clean
The surroundings pristine

Without some challenge in Life
Our view remains the same
We do not grow
We do not stretch... We go backwards and lose our balance
Our mojo slowly disappears
We focus on negativity and the news
And bring it to work and home
This state becomes a habit
This habit can be changed…

Are you running a team that has lost its mojo?
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