My view is that when you get a degree or diploma and you enter the world of work, you have a fair amount of IQ as expected for the job. Sadly, tertiary educators do not teach you any EQ to be able to deal with people and situations that may arise.  Brian Abbot installs the ability to develop EQ so that you can perform at your peak in your career as well as in your personal life.
Mark Taylor: Group CEO Reunert ICT
Brian, as always, your energy levels and sense of humour stood out to me. The way you got the group to bond together and encourage each other was brilliant. This will help us a group moving forward.
Selwyn Newman: Chief Sales Officer Nashua
Great course with very relevant, practical and hands on content. I have definitely learned some useful concepts and practices for delivery of a presentation. Thank you.
Zahir Mohammed: CEO Quince Capital
Absolutely amazing two days. Topics that can be very intimidating, Brian made very comfortable. Humour was blended into the serious stuff very well. Brian made one feel at ease and was never boring. One is quite aware of the progress made over the 2 days and never felt ‘out of my depth’. Thank you.
Chris Radley: CFO Nashua
The approach was something I have not experienced in the past. I walk out being a better person, rather than a better presenter.
Rudi Steenkamp: Sales Director Quince Capital
A course that challenges you and at the same time empowers you at a rapid rate to grow and be a Prezzo champion.
Andre Hagen: CFO Skywire
Attending the 2-day course was time and money well spent. Besides improving my confidence and skills in presenting, I have also networked with the rest of the ICT Companies Exec’s in understanding their business portfolios and for future business opportunities’.
Cedric Van Der Merwe: Service Executive Nashua Communications
Fantastic experience, learnt a lot of how to have the courage to stand in front of people and present. Brian was exceptional, he made the course fun and yet was serious when handling key points.
Moepi Matome: CIO ECN
Another memorable Sales meeting in Porto this time. After the Value Proposition Training of Brian this week, I know that each of the Sales Team members will elevate their presentation skills to another level which will lead to top line growth and profitability.
Serge Veld: Sales Director C & K EMEA
Thanks, Brian, for a fantastic workshop with my Sales and Marketing team. We have all got to know each other and now know how each person needs to be treated behaviourally.
Bruno Prevot: GM - C & K Europe
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