Productivity and FUN

How Inappropriate to call this Planet Earth, when it is clearly OCEAN.  Arthur C Clark

How inappropriate to call what we as do as WORK, when it clearly should be FUN. Brian S Abbott

Is this a Myth or are there some serious statistics that validate that Happy People are more PRODUCTIVE?

Well firstly, think about this: We have to work at least 5 days a week (for most of us) We have to work 4 – 5 weeks a month (weekends off) We have to work for 10 – 11 months a year… We get a pitiful 2-3 weeks leave a year

We have to do this for about 50 years of our life….

And then you can do whatever you want to do!!!

DO you still think that having FUN at work is a MYTH…?

Imagine what happens when you are NOT having FUN.

Check this poll out for some amazing statistics….

DANGER: The answers may involve some LAUGHTER…

My philosophy is ‘If you are not having fun in what you do, you are paying too high a price”.

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How much more productive are people that are happy and having fun at work?




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