THRIVING in times of CHAOS

Brian Abbott & Claudius Van Wyk’s Webinar on THRIVING in times of CHAOS

Some History on how and why this workshop started and the success achieved.

In these unprecedented times, there are many who are filled with great emotional distress. Those who have lost Family members and cannot get to grieve properly; those that cannot see their children; those in hospital that do not have the joy of visitors by loved ones who can bring comfort and touch; those who are in fear of losing their jobs and uniformity in Life. Will we ever return to the norm that we once knew?

No-one can tell with certainty when and how the current situation will change, which can leave us in a state of uncertainty and FEAR. What is CERTAIN, is that there are many who need professional help in coping with and adapting to this change.

We have been existing in an FSQ – Familiar Status Quo and most do not know HOW to change this STATE and HABIT to better adapt to the current situation. One of the biggest challenges facing humanity today is how to cope with present and future FEAR. We humans are mostly not adept at dealing with such severe change without help.

With this in mind, Brian Abbott and Dr Claudius Van Wyk have developed a webinar that provides coping Mechanisms and demonstrates how to survive and even THRIVE in this time of unparalleled CRISIS.  We examine HOW and WHY massive change has such a disastrous effect on Humans in general and offer strategies on how best to Thrive…


We know the team, we know the culture and between us we have over 50 years of experience in business and in studying the human Psyche.


Learn how to cope and thrive in these times with proven methodologies.

A basic overview of the webinar is as follows:

Satir Change Model

When an unexpected FOREIGN ELEMENT or trauma suddenly occurs, we go into a state of shock and revert back to our deep PATTERNS of survival, even if these patterns do not serve us well. These patterns emerge as Denial, Anger, Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty. Then we move into a Void of Chaos, where we don’t know what to do. We get STUCK. We show where we get STUCK in our thinking and procrastinate making big decisions - this is normal and based on FEAR.

Rachel Black Model - Glasgow University – Four Emotional States

We will describe the four basic human emotions of MAD, SAD, SCARED and GLAD and find out how each individual is experiencing this - and also the experience of the team…We will interpret what effect these states have on the Immune System and how critical it is to manage them effectively. This is a crucial, as many people will be in a state of SCARED and MAD.

Psycho-neuro Immunology

We will then begin to explore PNI (Psycho-neuro Immunology) and the effect that this has on us from a health, mind and survival perspective - we’ll show how our thoughts can kill or cure us. We will demonstrate How and Why it is crucial to have a positive outlook and how this can impact our immune system. Over 90% of people have survived the Covid- 19 outbreak – be part of this %. Learn what effect this has on individuals and the population and HOW to survive and thrive? Get this one right and we THRIVE in most situations, right now and into the future.

Mastery of The Mind

We will demonstrate how our spoken words, true or false, have a massive impact on our BRAIN. Our sub-conscious cannot distinguish between good or bad, right or wrong (based on our Value Systems) real or imagined. Therefore, our thoughts are critical to our well-being. Positive thoughts, and imagery, combined with positive ‘speak’ contribute to an overall ‘Well – Being”. Combine this with a positive ATTITUDE and we have a superb set of tools that will enable us to cope with this scenario.

Practical Application

Using breakaway rooms in Zoom/ MS Teams we will encourage discussion and feedback from the team to elicit their experience and navigate a way forward. This is a crucial part of the webinar as it enables us to get a real grasp of where the team and the individuals really are.

This is a practical webinar and designed to bring the real issues to the fore, where we can assist the group. We also offer one to one recovery sessions for individuals, as there will always be those in need of specific and personal assistance.

Best regards
Brian & Claudius