Creating Dynamic & Aligned Teams

Creating Dynamic & Aligned Teams

Effective Team Alignment And People Dynamics Workshop 


Wherever your company is on the above timeline, we have a process to assist in your success. This will entail a detailed discussion on your current challenges and invisible ones – the questions we ask will reveal these. Below is a very brief synopsis of a generic outcome to some of these challenges.

The initial process will be a 2-day workshop to uncover the “foreign element”, these could range from a change in Management, to retrenchments or any significant change that occurs in an organization. We address these and ‘reframe’ the mindsets of the team. Some will need specific coaching /guidance to integrate the changes.

We spend time on ‘attitude’ – the key factor to any success in any endeavor in life. Attitude is everything.

During this workshop we will discuss the road map/ game plan to ensure longevity and successful implementation. The success of the journey is that the leaders become the implementors of the strategy and take ownership of the success by including the team.

It is your company after all, we are simply ‘guides’ on the journey.

This highly effective, participative, initial two-day workshop is designed to enable Teams to function optimally by accessing the deeper potential of the individuals in the Team. We assist delegates to develop a thorough understanding of the challenges they face and generate the necessary flexibility to deal with them creatively.

Through a practical process, we demonstrate how delegates can learn to engage deeply with their colleagues and clients. We teach delegates how to manage their state thereby developing the resilience to continue to function optimally in uncertainty and manage the stress of change. The cost of a stressed workforce is absenteeism and a loss in productivity.

A Team that is aligned, resilient and integrated will achieve optimal results.

We create an environment that promotes full participation, accountability, focus and commitment, raising the energy, joy and the level of passion in your team to deliver peak performance.

Programme Outcomes

Programme Overview

Mapping the Current Mindset and State of the Team

In this workshop, the team and individuals are mapped with regards to their mindset of excitement, creativity and motivation. This is done in a non – intrusive manner. It is critical for Management to know where they are and how to keep in a state of motivation. We do this via exploring Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence and Unconscious Competence.

Unpacking the Real Issues – TOTES/STUCK PATTERNS

Delegates are taken through an exercise to find their patterns of belief and what prevents them from being more successful in their roles and outcomes. These beliefs are then dismantled or “reframed”. This is a fundamental part of life – we must know what our STUCK PATTERNS are, or we will never move forward from where we are now.

One Team – Managing Positive States

Who are we? Team definition!
Where are we going?
How are we going to get there?
Expectations: What we require from one another to achieve excellence.
Building Trust: Openness; Reliability; Congruence and Acceptance.
Managing Diversity with “real and accountable feedback”.
New and creative ideas are brainstormed to replace the un-resourceful ones.

The Communication and Mind Module

Understanding what Communication really means. It introduces unique tools to allow delegates to understand the process of habits and most importantly how to break un-resourceful states. It helps delegates to discover what truly motivates them. As a group they examine the principals of State Management. As human beings it is our STATE at any point in time that either drives us forward or holds us back from achieving real success.

Focus and Purpose – creating a consistent state

Delegates examine their current focus and purpose and assess what they are getting in return. They explore what ‘limiting beliefs’ they have in their personal and professional and how these beliefs motivate or demotivate.

Redefining Attitudes

Delegates assess their own Attitudes. Success or failure in life and business depends on Attitude. As individuals, each delegate has to learn to take responsibility for their own Attitude. “It’s not what happens to me in life—it’s what I do about it that counts”.

We make delegates aware that they have a choice to control their Attitudes.

Understanding the Team - The essence of Building “Rapport”

Creating a framework for open and honest Communication. How to build effective Rapport, enable trust and create collaboration. Lines of communication are unlocked. Delegates speak openly, honestly and with deep respect to their colleagues without creating negativity or resentment.

Action Plans – Strategic Blueprint

This session is dedicated to developing effective, practical plans to be implemented in the Company post-workshop. These will be in line with the Vision and Mission of the Company.

People Dynamics – how and why people clash or click

Delegates will:

Delighted Clients

Smart Presenting

Smart Presenting

Deliver your Value Proposition Effectively 

We live in a World of Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart Technology and sadly, most of the presentations and one on ones we see are not done in a SMART fashion – until now. Welcome to the World of Smart Presentations – catering for a new dimension. 

Would it amaze you to know that we have been in business for 28 years? – Probably not 

Would it intrigue you to know that I have well over 20,000 hours of speaking/training/presenting skills? Probably not. 

Would it impress you to know that we have many Blue-Chip clients? Probably not. 

So what would impress upon you to engage with us in a business partnership? 

What can we offer you that our competitors cannot? 

What is our VALUE PROPOSITION and what separates us from the masses? 


It’s not about WHAT you know; it’s about HOW you get the message through to your clients with deep rapport, either one on one, in a boardroom or on a stage. This is what separates the Professional from the Amateur. 

We teach professionals and the skills the professionals use – period. 

It’s a given that you have to know your subject/product. However, this is not what is going to sell you at your point of delivery. It’s the IMPACT you create with your client/audience. Are you interesting or do you regurgitate information; are you curious or bored; are you passionate or past your sell by date? Do you know your product, but your delivery is dead boring? 

We will let you know this in the most inspiring way and take you on a journey to become outstanding, regardless of your experience. 

What is it that we do that is AMAZING? 

We only take teams of 8-10 people in your company per workshop. In this format we are able to create a group of sales/marketing/ management and develop them into a cohesive team with outstanding presenting skills. This is part of our Value Proposition and IP. This truly builds a team. 

We get everyone to talk from personal experience and coach them in building powerful METAPHORS and STORIES around the product. 

We KNOW that interesting and creative stories intrigue and engage us. 

The team builds deep rapport and trust with each other as they get to know more and more about each other from a “real” perspective. 

Many of our clients engage this program as a Team Building Program for this specific reason. We get real and maintain a fun element. 

We use the most up to date Neuro technology to help people overcome their deep fears - uncertainly, lack of confidence, fear of failure and FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING – the number ONE researched fear in the WORLD. 

We do this in a very short time (during the workshop) and the results are incredible... 

Understanding the power of having control of our mindset and state is immeasurable. 

We are professionals in this and have phenomenal results – this is not a boast; it is a skill we have learned over the years and keep learning and refining these techniques. This is another one of our VP/IPs. 

We teach ‘Spatial Anchoring’ techniques that enable people to think on their feet and recover from uncomfortable and challenging situations quickly. 

This very powerful technique can be engaged for deep persuasion. We have very specific projects to make this both fun and effective. 

This is another VP/IP to be discussed in detail. 

This program is an enormous confidence booster that has a sustained longevity as we help people overcome programming from the past and help them to create a brighter and more creative future with a powerful new skill to add to their toolbox of life skills. 

We show the delegates the power of making respectful “Eye Contact” to eliminate the ‘uuums and aaahs’ – these fillers destroy our credibility and gets the client/audience to assume that we are nervous, unprepared and lack confidence. We also run a process for each delegate to understand exactly how their brain processes information - Visually, Auditory, Kinesthetically or digitally. 

We teach deep ‘Anchoring’ techniques’ to create triggers in the brain to perform at elevated levels. This is an immensely powerful tool. 

This too is one of our Value Propositions 

A massive impact is that the workshop is delivered in a lively tone with loads of fun and laughter. This technique of using humour (appropriately), guarantees the longevity of the skills. 

Each participant will do between 5 and 6-filmed presentations with personal coaching after each one. This ensures rapid learning. The team will also learn from each other and learn to coach one another, and this creates a fabulous team environment. The participants will have these recordings downloaded on a USB memory stick, which they keep. It is a powerful record of their progress and achievements. 


Each participant gets to prepare a PowerPoint Business presentation - one that they present to clients, staff, management etc. They also prepare a ‘personal presentation’ – this will be discussed with you. 

A basic agenda of the program: 

I believe that it’s not just about the song, it’s the way you sing it, which is critical. 

I look forward to discussion a specific action plan to assist in taking your team to another level. 

Best regards