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BUILDING RESILIENT TEAMs in times of chaos...
These unprecedented times call for a uniqueness in our thinking and strategy. We understand HOW the MIND works and HOW to create new STRATEGIES to THRIVE is this time. We show/teach people HOW to have FUN whilst being very productive.

What People Say

  • My view is that when you get a degree or diploma and you enter the world of work, you have a fair amount of IQ as expected for the job. Sadly, tertiary educators do not teach you any EQ to be able to deal with people and situations that may arise.  Brian Abbot installs the ability to develop EQ so that you can perform at your peak in your career as well as in your personal life.
    Mark Taylor: Group CEO Reunert ICT
  • Brian, as always, your energy levels and sense of humour stood out to me. The way you got the group to bond together and encourage each other was brilliant. This will help us a group moving forward.
    Selwyn Newman: Chief Sales Officer Nashua
  • Great course with very relevant, practical and hands on content. I have definitely learned some useful concepts and practices for delivery of a presentation. Thank you.
    Zahir Mohammed: CEO Quince Capital

Our Process


Our specialised facilitation helps people to make meaning of the chaos that has enveloped us.

These unprecedented times require specialised facilitation to help people make meaning of the chaos that has enveloped us.

To find JOY and PURPOSE in life and work today, is crucial, to create and maintain a healthy immune system.

We show/teach people HOW to have FUN whilst being very productive.

Why is this important?

Because happy people are productive, energetic, healthy and creative.

People that are OVERWHELMED are generally, unhappy.....

Unhappy, demotivated and scared people are susceptible to DIS -EASE.

We bring out the MAGIC in people and teams by showing them how to have fun whilst being very productive…


So WHY us?

We know how teams work well together and why they don't.

Having lived and worked in a Multicultural Society for 4 decades we truly understand the dynamics of diversity in teams and how to integrate this.

For over 30 years we have been studying the latest Neuroscience Technology. We have been exploring how and why we behave in certain ways and what our FMQ or Familiar Status Quo is – how and why people are such creatures of Habit.

To break a habit does not happen in a one-hour RA -RA motivation speech. It requires a major shift in our thinking which then leads to action to exit the existing Tote. By having a clear and concise VISION of a bright and colourful future, we can create effective and dynamic change. You can take a horse to the water……

We understand HOW the MIND works and we demonstrate how to create new STRATEGIES to THRIVE is this time.

For over 3 decades, we have been facilitating team strategies and coaching and mentoring leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, MDs. We have assisted many companies and their people to reach new heights.


Magical Transformations

These two transformational processes are adapted to your UNIQUE situation and hence become BESPOKE for the specific needs of your company. 

These transformations are available online.


From the frustrations of working from home and furloughed staff TO TAKING OWNERSHIP AND KEEPING POSITIVE AND HEALTHY.


BE- ING HAPPY and having FUN part 2

Happy people are between 12 – 20% more productive than those not.

Productivity and FUN

Productivity and FUN How Inappropriate to call this Planet Earth, when it is clearly OCEAN.  Arthur C Clark How inappropriate to call what we as do as WORK, when it clearly should be FUN. Brian S Abbott Is this a Myth or are there some serious statistics that validate that Happy People are more PRODUCTIVE? […]

Move from FEAR to PURPOSE

How do I move from FEAR to PURPOSE?

Programs and blueprints

Who is in Control of ME today?

Re-invent your Team and see the View

Are you running a team that has lost its mojo?

Team Solo

When the TEAM is no longer there
And you NEED someone to care
To give you that extra PUSH

Time for some CRAZY

Maybe it is TIME
Time to be a bit CRAZY
To take that CRAZY RISK

Who Motivates the Motivator

Who Motivates the Motivator ?

Doorways of Choices

All of LIFE is about CHOICES
And the CHOICES we make
Shape our DESTINY


Good people need nurturing leaders
To encourage them and allow them
To make mistakes in a safe space
Without ridicule and blame


Even under the most
Extreme conditions


The ability to take some form of information Whether it be VISUAL or AUDITORY KINAESTHETIC or DIGITAL,


Every person on this GLOBE
We are born with this gift


Ever walked into the office
And your BOSS has a look
Like this, on his/her face
And the same kind of attitude…

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