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Who is in charge of ME today?
To find out and get assistance in making positive change in your life, call
Brian Abbott, Business Behaviour Magician.

Programs and Blueprints

By the age of 6 years, 40 -50% of our programming is complete. Our values, attitudes, culture, belief systems and language are in deep program.

By the age of 12-13, 70-80 % of HOW we DO Life today is programmed – cultures, spiritual, social and our FEARS…etc

This is our BLUEPRINT…

At the age of 6 what control do we have over this = 0%

At the age of 12 – 13 what control do we have over this – very small

The question for me is WHO IS IN CONTROL OF ME TODAY?

Are we doing life based on our OWN deep choices or sub-consciously?

How do we change this as we grow in Life?

With difficulty, until comes a time when the DESIRE TO CHANGE Is so GREAT that is becomes a DRIVING FORCE…

When this occurs, most of us need ASSITANCE in making this change permanent, or we will slip back to our NORM… The Familiar Status Quo…

There will always be members of our TEAM that require this.

This is my PASSION, to assist folks to SEE another exciting MOVIE of a new and amazing LIFE and CAREER and then BE IT…

What programs are still running you?

If you would like to have a discussion around this, let us set up a curiosity meeting.


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